About me

Hi there! I am an engineer, passionate about radio access technologies, with a penchant for testing, and an electronic musician at night.

I live in Espoo (since recently, Helsinki before that from 2000), and I compose and play ambient music from my home studio, without analogue or digital boundaries (playing keyboards, designing sounds and doing some field recordings).

You can find most of my works at Bandcamp here (including numerous collaborations with Mathieu) and there (with Lauri).

All are free to download (name your price) and better enjoyed with a headset or a decent HiFi sound system; usually also available from the usual platforms, e.g. iTunes, Spotify and the like.

Most of the tracks are released under the following licence, while handled by CDBaby for digital distribution. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to use some, e.g., a short movie like this.

I accept commissions and provide mastering (not mixing) or audio restoration services*, let us be in touch to discuss the conditions (one precondition is that your project is not in a terrible hurry).

I sometimes share music I like on Twitter and post random things on Instagram.

That’s it! Enjoy my works and see you around!

* Working with Pro Cubase/WaveLab/SpectraLayers